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CD/DVD automated printers

Automated disc printers-also known as autoprinters- perform automatic load and print on CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs without the intervention of a user.

Industrial robotics add-on CD/DVD Printers

Our industrial grade printers are used virtually by every high capacity robotics system in the optical disc publisher market.

Automotive controllers and Sensors

Our automotive controllers and magnetic sensor expertise makes us great partner when it comes to development of automotive , industrial technology


PVC Inkjet ID Card Printers

 Printing on inkjet printable PVC cards offers a lot of options that are not available in standard dye sublimation printers. It is a perfect solution when printing cost is an issue.

Peristaltic Pumps

Our persitaltic pumps are compatible with a very wide range of chemical fluids and we provide them for our OEM customers

Industrial sensors


Our proximity sensors very harsh envirnment including automotive and trucking industry.