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Printable manuals

CD/DVD printers
Download MantraJet 1050 PDF printable manual.
Download MantraJet 1100 PDF printable manual.

Windows drivers 1.xxx series

Download MantraJet 1050/1100 Windows 2000/XP-32bit/Vista-32-bit drivers (rev 1.11).

64 bit Windows 7 , 8 drivers 2.05 (BETA 2 release)

64 bit version is not supported in Windows 7 released in UK


Rev 2.05 MantraJet 101M Vista/Windows7 64-bit drivers.
Rev 2.05 MantraJet 1050 Vista/Windows7 64-bit drivers.
Rev 2.05 MantraJet 1100 Vista/Windows7 64-bit drivers.

Since Windows 8 enforces driver signature, it is necessary to disable.
This YouTube video that shows how to do this:

IMPORTANT: it is necessary to realign the printer when migrating from 1.xxx series of driver to 2.xx . Unfortunately it was impossible for us to maintain alignment compatibility. When migrating from 1.xxx to 2.xx the realtive offset is X=-3.2mm , Y= 2mm. It means that the user has to enter  x=-32 and y= 20 in the edit boxes of the alignment dialog available from the "Printing preferences" of the printer and then click on the "Offset" button. Please note that this is relative offset so when you click on the "offset" button , the offset values in the X and Y edit boxes will revert to 0. This is the way it is supposed to work.